Boeing 777 Philippine Airlines

  • Philippine Airlines is the only Philippine carrier to offer business class on domestic flights. On medium-haul and long-haul flights, Philippine Airlines provide amenity kits from L’Occitane en Provence. Boeing 777–300ER, feature angled-flat seats manufactured by Recaro. It is arranged in 2–3–2 configuration.
  • PAL Operating Fleet Boeing 777–300ER Airbus A350–900 Airbus A330–300 (309-seater).
  • Philippine Airlines fleet details and history. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Boeing 777 Boeing 777.
  • At the request by the Filipino papercraft modeler Papercraft Nony I repainted the Boeing 777–300ER parts in 1:120 scale in the Philippine Airlines livery. He is a 4th Year Highschooler who has immense passion for aviation and dreams to be the one who actually design real aircrafts.
  1. Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 Seats
  2. Boeing 777–300er Philippine Airlines Business Class
Boeing 777-300er seating chart philippine airlines


I have mixed feelings on the diversity of the PhilippineAirlines Fleet. Sometimes, I’ll get the Thompson Vantage XL seats which was thebest that PAL had to offer. While there are also times where I’ll be stuck withthe older products.


I checked-in at SFO. Nothing notable happened. It was quickand smooth. I immediately headed for the Mabuhay Lounge. For this trip, Iheaded to the Air France Lounge at first, but it was just too crowded for me tofeel comfortable, so I headed to the Mabuhay Lounge instead.


The Mabuhay Lounge at San Francisco International Airport is by far the worst among the Philippine Airline lounges, that’s including some of its domestic counterparts. I made a separate review of the place and detailed what PAL can do to improve on their lounges. Check that out here!


I arrived at the boarding area with around 15 minutes tospare. Luckily, the ground staff was very courteous and quick with their processes.As soon as I arrived, I was already boarding the plane along with the otherpassengers.

Seat Cabin and Amenities

There were 28 flat-angled seats in the business class cabin. There were storage bins in the middle, however, they didn’t make me feel like the cabin was stuffy. At first glance, the whole cabin wasn’t appealing. The play between the PAL’s signature blue shade and the neutral colors of the seatbacks just added a little bit of finesse.

Philippine airlines boeing 777 seats

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 Seats



What Philippine Airlines provides is usually a coin flip. Thereare some flights wherein the service is excellent and world-class, includingthe meals provided, on the other hand, there are those flights where inexperienceof the crew really shows — leading to subpar experiences.

Overall Impression

The Philippine Airlines’ Business Class Product is, as I’vesaid, a coinflip — particularly in International routes. This time, I got one ofthe better planes.

Boeing 777–300er Philippine Airlines Business Class

Shortly after the plane took off, the crew started serving the meals. I chose the Japanese set and my lunch came in three courses.

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